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Appleridge Stone has many accessories to enhance the look of the stone work and accentuate its appearance. The pieces vary depending upon the type of stone and laying pattern that is chosen. The following are some of the accessories we offer:

Hearthstones:12″ x 12″
12″ x 19″
19” x 19” std, triangular, or clipped
20” x 22” oversized
Flat Quoin:4″ x 6″ (small)
4″ x 8″ (large)
Keystone:small (used with small quoin)
large (used with large quoin)
Trapezoid:4″x8″ (angle compatible with keystone)
(order right or left trapezoid)
Border Stone:6″x8″ rectangle
Window Border:4.5″x30″ – fluted or plain
Window Corners:5″x5″rosette or plain
Mantle Support:2.5″ wide x 9.5″ deep x 11.5″ tall
4″ wide x 8″ deep x 11″ high
Cap Ledge:2″ high x 2.5″ deep x 24″ long
Cap Ledge Tapered:2″ to 2.5″ high x 3″ deep x 30.25″ long
Column Capstone:22″ x 22″ x 2.5″ thick
28″ x 28″ x 2.5″ thick
Electrical box:3″ x 5″ hole, octagonal hole, or 4″ round hole
Number Stone:number /other years – special order

Cap Ledge

Date Stone or Number Stone

Electric Boxes